“Dr Fox-Hodess is an incredible supervisor. She takes utmost interest in my work and gives a detailed feedback on each of my submissions. She also constantly sends me supportive things to do or readings, whenever I am depressed or frustrated. I believe I could not have asked for a better person as my supervisor. I really look up to her. She is a great supervisor who understands and supports me in every possible way.” — Student comment for ‘Supervisionary All-Rounder’ Recognition, 2020

I am deeply invested in good picture of meteaching and mentorship, seeking to push students to think about labor in a global context and to equip them with strong critical thinking and writing skills. As a teacher, I strive to incorporate my research into coursework and to encourage students to draw from their own experiences as workers and consumers to better understand their world.

In my current position at the University of Sheffield, I am the module leader for MGT 309 and MGT 659, the undergraduate and post-graduate modules in Industrial Relations. In addition to supervising Masters and PhD students, I contribute to an undergraduate module in Work and Employment in the Twenty-First Century.

In my first and second years of doctoral supervision, I was recognised by the university as a ‘Supervisionary All-Rounder”, “recognising good all round supervision, that has really made a difference to doctoral students”, on the basis of student feedback.

In my previous work at Queen Mary University of London, I taught tutorials for both undergraduate and graduate courses on Global Supply Chains (with Elena Baglioni) and for undergraduate courses on gender and the workplace (with Tessa Wright).

At the University of California, Berkeley, I taught tutorials for the following courses:

  • Introduction to Sociology (with Ann Swidler)
  • Sociological Methods (with Martin Sanchez-Jankowski)
  • Working People in the Global Economy (with Peter Evans and Harley Shaiken)
  • Classical Social Theory (with Dylan Riley)
  • Contemporary Social Theory (with Dylan Riley)

Berkeley students described me in evaluations as a knowledgeable, engaging, enthusiastic, supportive, open-minded, patient and inspiring teacher who transmits a passion for the subject at hand. A number of students across several courses described me as the best instructor they had studied with at Cal and my teaching excellence is further reflected in a departmental teaching award I received in my second year as a teaching assistant.