Peer-reviewed articles (labor internationalism)

Fox-Hodess, Katy. 2017. (Re-)Locating the Local and National in the Global: Multi-Scalar Political Alignment in Transnational European Dockworker Union Campaigns. British Journal of Industrial Relations 55(3): pp. 626-647.

“Varieties of Dockworker Unionism in Latin America: National Contexts, Local Strategies and International Connections”. Forthcoming in Latin American Politics and Society.

“Labor Internationalism ‘From Below’: Lessons from the International Dockworkers Council’s European Working Group”. Forthcoming in Work, Employment and Society.


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Public Sociology (labor and social movements)

July 16, 2019. “How Dockworkers Are Fighting the Arms Trade“. The Nation.

July 5, 2019. “Building Worker Power on the Docks” – interview with labor historian Peter Cole on his book Dockworker Power: Race and Activism in Durban and the San Francisco Bay AreaJacobin.

February, 2019. Public talk on “The Chile Solidarity Campaign and Lessons for British Trade Union Internationalism Today” for Sheffield University and College Union.

February 27, 2019. “Worker Power on the Swedish Docks“. Interview conducted with Swedish dockworker trade union leader Erik Helgeson. Jacobin.

February 21, 2019. “Chilean Dockworkers Organize Month-Long Strike and Face Down Police in Rooftop Standoff“. Interviewed conducted with Chilean dockworker trade union activist Marcos Montecinos. Labor Notes.

February 11, 2019. “Katy Fox-Hodess: ‘Los problemas más fuertes de los portuarios tienen que ver con las políticas públicas‘”. Interview published in Mundo Maritimo.

November, 2018. Ian Allison’s write up of the talks that Amanda Armstrong-Price and I gave at the closing plenary of Historical Materialism on Strikes: “Working Class Strategy“. Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century – RS21.

October, 2018. “Seizing the Chokepoints” (with Jake Alimahomed-Wilson and Kim Moody). Jacobin.

July, 2018. “Chokepoints” (with Jake Alimahomed-Wilson and Kim Moody). Radicals in Conversation Podcast, Pluto Press.

June, 2018. Public talk at SOAS on “Conceptualising Worker Power in the Global Logistics Industry: Examples from the Waterfront” (with Tim Pringle).

May, 2018. Public talk given at the London BUIRA seminar on “Worker Power, Trade Union Strategy and International Connections: A Cross-National Comparison of Dockworker Unionism in Latin America”.

April, 2018. “Tariffs Aren’t the Best Way To Protect U.S. Steelworkers. Global Solidarity Is.” In These Times Magazine (Reprinted in Salon.com and Truthout.com).

January, 2018. Public talk (with Amanda Armstrong-Price, Magally Miranda and R.L. Stephens) at the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung for the event “10 Years of Crisis, 1 Year of Trump – An Exchange of Voices from the American and German Left”.

April, 2017. Public talk (with Amanda Armstrong-Price) on “Academic Trade Unionism and the Union Democracy Movement in the U.S” for Cambridge University UCU.

February, 2016. Public talk on “The Justice for Janitors Movement in the United States” for the United Voices of the World trade union.

November, 2015. “Is An Injury to One an Injury to All? Some Critical Thoughts on Trade Union Internationalism Today”. Salvage Quarterly. Republished January, 2016 in New Politics.

Spring, 2015. “Grounded in the Movement: Developing a Mindful Orientation toward Social Justice Work”. Tikkun Magazine, Vol. 30, No. 2. Duke University Press.

February 16, 2015. “The View from the Grassroots: An Interview with Giorgos Gogos on SYRIZA’s Election Victory in Greece”. Viewpoint Magazine.

December 19, 2014. “In the Face of Austerity, Portuguese Dockworkers Win Back Union Jobs.” Labor Notes.

June, 2014. “California Grad Employee Contract Shows Reform Works”. Labor Notes.

April, 2014. “California Scheming”. Jacobin.

February 27, 2014. “Retooling the UAW”. Jacobin.

February, 2014. (Co-authored with Shane Boyle). “Soldiers, Cops, Imperialists: A Short Genealogy of UC’s Ties to the US Security State”. Reclamations.

January 31, 2014. “Book Review: Security Guard Campaign Reveals the Promise and Pitfalls of Global Union Cooperation”. Labor Notes.

December, 2013. “At Some Other Berkeley”. Jacobin.

October 16, 2013. “Greece’s Fascist Threat”. Jacobin.

September 23, 2012. (Co-Authored with Francisco Nuñez Capriles). “The Chilean Student Movement and the Crisis of Neoliberal Democracy”. Universities in Crisis, a blog of the International Sociological Association.


I have been interviewed as a labour researcher and trade union leader for  publications including the The Atlantic, Neues Deutschland, Los Angeles TimesThe Times Higher EducationSocialist Worker and Mundo Maritimo.